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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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supervisor weiner, thank you so much for the support. >> thank you so much. john paul soto >> hithere, good morning. my name is jake soto and i'm the reigning emperor. since we were crowned on february 22 of this year misty and i have been proud to represent our great city of san francisco within our city, the great state of california and other states including ska, ohio, idaho and nef. nevada. our official charities for the year have been breast cancer emergency fund, aids emergency fund, the arc and san francisco night ministry. we chose to support the smaller nonprofits and charities where a few extra dollars would have the greatest impact on the people of san francisco in need. this is
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what the imperial council of san francisco has been doing for almost 50 years, advocating and helping out our community where our help is most needed. it would be an honor to collaborate with you in the passing of this resolution celebrating 50 years of supporting the people of this great city that is san francisco. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you very much. next, donna suchet and we will go to cary hanna, and aza monet. >> hello, i'm cary smis hanna 50 years ago the lesbian and gay community did not exist. sure there were bisexual people everywhere. violence were often saked by the very people
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in power. along came a navy veteran, a popular north beach singer, a drag queen, jose sare, he and others changed everything. in 2015 we will celebrate an unprecedented 50 years of service, community development and we thank the city of san francisco for this consideration to declare that day a night we will fill city hall with our formal gala celebration. we're talking over 700 people, crowns, gowns and pageantry, all very dignified. when you recognize this you recognize an organization that has worked longer than any other charitable organization. (inaudible) the chair of the 50th celebration committee and a member of the international court council representing over
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65 chapters across canada, the united states and mexico, i urge you to pass this resolution with speed and enthusiasm and invite you all to join us for this incredible celebration. if you have nothing to wear, see me later. >> thank you. >> good morning, honorable supervisors, my name is robert austria, also known as cary hunter in our community. i moved here 5 years ago and i will tell you my personal experience that the imperial council of san francisco has been the pillar of my social well-being in the city. now my role as treasurer for the imperial council i can attest to to you that we have a long track record of success. we report to and subscribe to guide star dot org for 990
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forms for our tax returns just to show you that we have our integrity and we have our consistency and we are a well prepared and organized organization. in 50 years we have raised over a million dollars and just last year alone we raised $60,000, all for charity. our vision for february 2015 and the use of the seal will slud fie our long time relationship with the city and to show the world that we have the support and long time relationship with the city supervisors and the whole city of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you very much. next ozzie monet. >> good morning, supervisors, as many of you know, i come down to city hall a lot and talk about different issues
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around the city, but the san francisco imperial council does great work. it even helps with self-esteem, i even lip synch to lou rawls from time to time. when i found out about the imperial council it was an election and i was passing the power house down in the folsom area and donna sachet was sitting there and she explained what was going on. i had my id so i voted but then i joined
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the ducal council. please please pass the resolution for the 50th anniversary of the imperial council. they do great work. i know the money goes to the community, it really really does. every dollar. so please keep that in mind and when you think about what they do and where the money goes you can look at me because some of the organizations that they raise money for i have had to depend on in the past. so it really works. so thank you very much. >> thank you very much, mr. roberts. >> good morning, supervisors, my name is bradly roberts, i'm the 40th emperor and my first time speaking in front of the city council. it is with great honor that i am here to speak to you. i
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first became acquainted with the imperial council of san francisco at marlena's bar, which is now closed, at one of their functions on a sunday afternoon which they had quite often and i sat down next to a gentleman, john carillo, a former emperor of san francisco and got to speaking with him and he told me all about it. i was quite moved and so moved that years later i myself became an emperor of san francisco. the imperial council of san francisco has raised lots of money for charities in san francisco and in other cities. with pomp and circumstance and tongue in cheek performances, even employing pets like my dog who has raised thousands of dollars for paws, i am also happy to say that the money
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that we raise does go to all the charities in san francisco, including services, hiv services like magnet, which i was unfortunate to have to go to and use but was happy they were there for me. so i implore you to pass the resolution to recognize the imperial council of san francisco on their 50th anniversary gala. thank you. >> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment? come forward, please. >> sure is easy shemale totally disgusting that they treat special all intention to keep people of true talent that have success in society. i mean most of us beyond the age
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of 50 this is maybe 15, 20 years ago. it's no big deal for any proudly serving (inaudible) 15 or 20 years is gone. (inaudible). >> are there any other members of the public who would like to make public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is now closed. >> so again, colleagues, thank you, madam chair, thank you everyone in the community who came out today to provide context and to support the resolution and so madam chair i would request that the committee adopt the resolution proffered by the clerk of the board and then would request that the resolution be
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forwarded to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> thank you. president chiu. >> thank you, madam chair , and first of all let me say that i don't think the comments of the last speaker reflect the views of most san franciscoans and certainly i don't think anyone on our san francisco board of supervisors i want to thank supervisor wiener for this resolution which i am happy to cosponsor. i think we are all looking forward to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the imperial council, not just because of the deep history of the imperial council, not just because of the anniversary of empress saria but this is an organization that i think reflects the very best of what service and community service is about in san francisco and i think we all look forward to this celebration here in our wonderful city hall. so with that i'm happy to move this motion and hope we can move it to the full board. >> okay, and first of all i'd
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like to say that i didn't even understand the last speaker so i'm surprised that you got anything out of that, president chiu, but i just want to commend the imperial court of san francisco for their commitment to community service. they live by example and it's pretty amazing the organizations that they support. i run into people in my district who are constantly fund raising in order to raise money for some of these great organizations that i have had the pleasure of working with in my community, the art, open hand, the shanti project. these are the things that help change people's lives and the work that's done by the imperial court of san francisco helps to generate a lot of money to help these organizations continue their mission and it means a lot to me as a member of the board, not only am i happy to support this i'd love to have my name
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added as a cosponsor, not just because i want a medal like scott wiener but because i want the imperial court of san francisco to know that they have a lot of support from their elected leadership here in the city and that we want to do everything we can to give you the tools necessary to carry this legacy on. so thank you for your work and with that, supervisor president chiu has made a motion to accept the amendments from the clerk of the board to add an additional whereas clause. mr. gibner, do we need to repeat that particular motion for the specifics or are we okay? >> deputy city attorney john gibner. no, you are okay to go. >>ment chiu has made the
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motion for acceptance of the motion, is there a motion to move this forward with full recommendation to the board of supervisors. >> so moved. >> moved by supervisor tang, without objection this resolution is moved to the full board of supervisors. >> there is no further business. >> great, meeting is adjourned. (meeting adjourned).
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>> director brinkman director heinecke is exterminated director lee director nolan director ramos directors please be advised many borne and director heinecke will not be here devices. item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered separately. approval of the minutes of october 31st. >> so moved
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little i's have that. >> directors please be advised there will be no closed session today. >> thank you. >> item 6 introduction or new business. >> i ask we adjourn the meeting for a long time he member of powers joint board he was mr. daily city also there a kind and gentle man with our consent we'll have for this any another business. >> we haven't met since the horrific pedestrian fatalities in front of the city hall i was wondering are we doing any vengs vangs of the interestingly everything we can do to make sure that crossing is safe we've
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got wedding and people that work here that was a member of the city family that was killed we've got people coming from all over to attend the public meetings i want to make sure we're doing what we can to make that intersection safe if we could some point get an update. >> director reiskin and the short answer yes, we are. >> the next board meeting that traffic incident will be before you. >> item 78 director's report. >> good afternoon director reiskin. >> good morning members of the public i want to start out with a special award ask tom to recognize one of his employees in that transportation management team.
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>> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. i want to too john knox white that is on a sfmta management team for about a year and a half the go to percent for safety education he led the street campaign with bus attorneys and enforcement starting this month he conducted the workshop for the safety advocacy and operating vehicles to improve safety on the streets and now for the vision zero program and marketing and transportation policies so as a unique prospective on issues getting our safety messages out to our constituents residents in san francisco he's wonderful and i'm pleased to present this award to john
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(clapping.) mr. white congratulations on behalf of the board we're appreciated your work so well and love to hear from you okay. >> thank you. i'm really choked up i hope that someday to live up to the recognition you know pedestrian safety and street safety is the father of two high school students hiking and biking the streets of san francisco all their lives very, very close and dear to my heart the way in which we have safe streets and develop safe streets has an impact on the quality of life in the contingent we develop it is very important to me i tell my friends and family almost on a daily basis how
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lucky i am surrounded by the most fun folks i've ever worked with i had other jobs you know (laughter) i don't want to say i was surprised by a enjoy to work with the team i very much appreciate this this is a collective recognition of the work that we've done partnering with the department of public health and the police department we have our consultant on the team m i g and again my colleagues from director reiskin on down to all the members of the upi thank you very much he appreciate it. >> thank you congratulations (clapping.) director reiskin. >> thank you. the only other thing i want to mention we have
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exciting infrastructure work coming to the muni system it's exciting at least for us who are responsible for operating muni we've talked a lot here in different forms particle in the capitalized budget of the importance in investing in the infrastructure of the one hundred-year-old system what's coming in is the sunset improvement programming project it is a part of the two year capital budget to replace the rails in the sunset tunneled and other associated equipment is it's critically important work that proves the liability of muni making sure we don't have infrastructure problems there's construction involved with working group our infrastructure we'll have a number of weekend
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shutdowns as previously and carl and coal projects that is the section of the track in the middle a few years ago we had track on both sides on november 7th through 10 we're going to shut done the tunnel and there will be about 15 weekend between now and next summer we'll be doing the weekend shutdowns to reduce the service disruption as we did before have bus substitutions available on either side of the tunnel to connect people we'll have regular service in bound from church to caltrain as normal and have lots of ambassadors that have easily identifiable colors with pickup u public outreach in
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presentations with neighborhood groups and lots of mails and continue the outreach during construction as we've already down more information at sfmta damn sunset tunnel awhile willow we have the shutdowns happening another work along the will injudged right-of-way like upgrading the transit system it is the system whereby the vehicle is ku7b9d is to the traffic signal to the traffic signal can hold the green light for the train to go 0 through and conducting new wheelchair assessable mramgz an 28th and judy district attorney so we do recognize a little bit of disruption to the riding public on the we understand this is a good practice to try to mitigate that but it is important good
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work and that's all i have. >> members of the board any questions or comments. >> i have one on the in judy district attorney project obviously the in judy district attorney gets a lot of attention i'm gathering if the calendar we don't anticipate any big projects that peak in judy district attorney service. >> not during baseball games. >> and on the issue of railway replacements i gotten where we were and is there 0 existing projects west portal a shuttle can turned around as opposed to going to the circle for st.
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francis and 14 sorry for raising it out of the blue we've discussed this before if it is possible for an e-mail this says any of our upcoming projects if so is is this planning to be considered this is a small fix for the west portal. >> following the tunnel will be the twin peaks tunnel and that will liquor store replace all the rail and the swishes and all the associated equipment in the twin peaks tunnel that will be starting in 2015 99 percent certain that project we've added a cross over just east of west portal station to
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address what you're talking about. >> any public comment. >> no one has indicated any comments. >> item 8 the advisory committee report mr. weaver is not here 9 public comment there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests we have two speaker cards bob and another individual. >> two minutes. >> good afternoon hi bob with the yellow cab there's been talk about choosing a taxi booking for san francisco we wanted to address that idea for quite sometime we studied apps and couldn't find things to do so we created our own most the taxi companies are creating
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their own apps we've old the documents i'll have copies for you we'll leave behind and our app works great being downed loaded and we've got customers using these up to 5 times a week it tell us it works at the state of the taxi sessions 80 percent app was mentioned we think the 80 percent is misleading any taxi with a smart phone so the real number is one hundred percent from our pfks somehow a discussion to get the taxis to accept orders it seems like picking a common app for san francisco we already have an app both luxury and town taxis have an app others use a dispatch
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system finally third party apps offers see opportunities for others you would harm it by adding anymore regulations for our t nc no regulations a common app an additional burden on all taxi companies we ask you to let the customers decide which app to use don't take that away from them we hope to put this to bed thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> she's the last person that turned in a speaker card. >> good afternoon. >> marie at that san francisco citizen and frequent rider i want to share an observation my background is in risk management that handles risk safety issues
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sometime back the wheelchairs going in for safety reasons and it didn't time a vacuum what i've noticed on crowded buses people stand in front of the floor space so they sit on the list of the chair it really bothers me to see there 90 is nothing to hold onto the and they showed you be sitting on the seat. >> noted thank you very much. >> anyone else to address the board under public comment. >> good afternoon. >> herbert weiner one note of concern i wish to express the wide share i believe it it was
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with lift no one is insured germany building has put a band on those coarse on those taxi services and i'd like to challenge this board i would like a formal declaration stating that you don't believe in the use of those ryder cars and never use this service again, i challenge you to do that i mean, if your generously concerned show the concerns with our pledges and votes this can't go on those ride share cars are a menus to the public wyoming happen if you're run over by one of these taxis


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